Save Nican Campaign

We need your help.  The Federal Government has defunded Nican after 26 years as Australia’s leading source of information about disability friendly things to do, places to go and ways to get there.

While we are fighting to stay open the situation is critical and services look set to close over the next few weeks without your urgent support.

People have been supporting us in many ways however we are asking people to ring your local MP; write or email Scott Morrison; and share our social media postcards on Facebook and Twitter.  


We are encouraging anyone who is concerned about the defunding of Nican to ring your local MP. Some steps are:

Ring  - The easiest way to start is to ring Parliament House on 02) 62777 111, say where you live and ask to speak to your local MP.  A staffer will answer the phone. If you don't get through straight away, wait a moment and then try again.

Introduce yourself – Who are you and which suburb are you from?  Do you have a disability?  Are you a carer or close to a family member, friend with a disability?

Explain the reason for your call - Tell the staffer that you are upset about the defunding and coming closure of Nican. How does this affect YOU? Give an example of how information about disability friendly things to do, places to go and ways to get there are important in your life.  You can mention that  

The Nican website and information service are the only comprehensive national source of information, referral and advice for people with disability who want to get out and involved in sport, recreation, arts, tourism and community life.  

People with disability have many additional barriers which make reliable information essential and we need a national information source.  

Bad information, such as arriving at a hotel without room for a bed hoist, can be devastating.

Nican has 3,500 organisations listed. It has a fully access compliant website and can also help people via phone who can’t use the internet.

The Nican Qantas Carer Concession Card is an essential assistance for people with disability who have to fly with a carer and can’t afford to do so. 

Nican is essential for the NDIS and should be funded until the NDIS rolls out.  The NDIS also isn’t available to many people at the moment, it’s only a trial, and we need services like Nican to stay. The NDIS also won’t help people over 65.

Tell them it’s urgent – Nican is set to close soon in the next few weeks without further help. 

Ask for a commitment - Ask the staffer if they will commit to making a call or

writing a letter to Scott Morrison, the Minister for Social Services to save Nican. They may not commit, but this will send a clear message that you're serious about holding them to account.

Say thanks! - Thank them for taking the time to listen to you.



  • Personalise your letter especially a story about how this effects you
  • Be firm but polite  
  • Be brief and on point - the words below might help:

Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Minister for Social Services

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

[email protected]

Dear Minister

I am disappointed that the Government has decided to cease funding for national information services for people with disability that are provided by Nican.

Nican's services are vital for people with disability who seek to access sport, arts, recreation, tourism and community life.  Nican is more than a tourism service – it’s the way I find things in my community.

I have used Nican to <insert example from your own life of how you have used us and why barrier free information and access is important>

It's baffling that the Australian Government is defunding information services so close to the rollout of information, linkages and capacity building services (formerly tier 2) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Nican also supports people who don’t live in the trial sites or who are not currently eligible for direct care.  Disability does not stop at 65.

Information is really important for people with disability due to everyday access barriers people face. <Provide example in your life>

Nican also provides the Nican Carer concession card. This card offers a 50% discount to people with disability who must travel with carers to help with movement, eating and using the bathroom. I have used the card to <insert example>

These cuts to disability information services, especially in the lead up to the NDIS, are unacceptable. The Government committed to deliver the NDIS and not to cut disability services.  This cut to Nican will affect my vote at the next election.

Thank you for considering my letter.  <You can add email and phone if you wish>


<Your signature/name and contact>


Thank you for supporting Nican J