Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go is a new resource developed by Nican packed with information - presented in an easy to read, step-by-step way - which helps providers and people with disability alike to increase skills, confidence and discover their passions. 


The project includes tools for people with disabilities and providers.  For people with disabilities it includes support to: 


·         Become inspired

·         Build confidence

·         Stay fit & healthy

·         Make friends

·         Overcome fear

·         Overcome the inner critic

·         Develop assertiveness

·         Using mind mapping as a tool

·         Plan for the future or simply ask - what will I do today?   


For providers the kit provides support to:


·         Undertake a self-audit, with tips, tools, checklists and examples  

·         Develop an action plan including a shell action plan with project owners, timeframes, deliverables and commitments 

·         Develop a checklist for inclusive events covering issues ranging from accessible parking to inclusive communications  


The package was launched on 19 October 2011 by the ACT Minister for Community Services, Joy Burch MLA and received funding support from Disability ACT and Sport and Recreation Services.  An extension project is also underway in Queensland supported by the Queensland Department of Communities and Inclusion Works. 


The kit is available is MS Word and PDF from this website and via a handy USB credit card format.  A small number of hard copy kits have also been produced. 


Please note that the PDF on this website is a large document and may take some time to download.